Preparing for All-Year Weather: Larsen HVAC

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February 2, 2016
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June 1, 2016
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Preparing for All-Year Weather: Larsen HVAC

In preparing for the changing seasons and the ensuing weather conditions that come with it, you will have to equip your home with the proper heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Larsen Heating and Air Conditioning can provide you with top-rated repair services and installation in Greater Salt Lake City, Provo, Orem, Lehi, and all of Utah County. As experts, accredited by the Better Business Bureau and the Gephardt Approved company, our technicians are licensed, insured, and factory trained in handling HVAC equipment. From furnaces to air conditioning units, we aim to provide the highest standards that’ll prepare your home to combat the harsh weather conditions throughout the year.

In doing so, we offer a range of HVAC specialties:

  • Air Duct Cleaning –For you to breathe fresher air inside your home and save money on your energy bills, we can remove the contaminants lining your ducts.
  • Air Conditioning Installation – Is it not important that you consider how efficient your air conditioner is? In replacing your AC, we offer a variety of brands that can lower energy bills while providing consistent cooling and no repairs for years to come.
  • Air Conditioning Repair – To prepare for summer, it is imperative to ensure the efficiency of your cooling system and AC. Save money, time, and spare yourself the inconvenience by determining problems early on. With our fully trained technicians and the necessary equipment, we can usually correct the problem right away, as we also do same-day AC repairs.
  • Furnace Installation – On the other hand, it’s just as critical that you prepare for winter and the chilling temperatures. We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty on all new HVAC installations, because we are confident that we can keep your indoor environment comfortably warm to last you through the different seasons.
  • Furnace Repair – We, too, are aware of the low temperatures in Utah, so we strive to arrive in your homes at haste in repairing your gas furnace and heating systems. Our technicians will often have the requisite parts to fix your heater or furnace, no matter what the challenges are.

Apart from the aforementioned specialties in repair, installation, and services, we also offer tune-ups for HVAC systems, as well as air cleaning and purification. For any questions or assistance, feel free to contact us.