The Best Time of the Year to Get AC Repairs Done

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April 1, 2016
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August 1, 2016
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The Best Time of the Year to Get AC Repairs Done

The maintenance of your AC system is crucial for maintaining the comfort of your home. You want to make sure that you are always keeping your units clean. Ask a professional repairman to look it over and see if you are having any undetected problems.

At Larsen Heating and Air, we do repairs year round, but certain times of the year are simply better for getting repairs done. There are several reasons for this:

Your AC is Most Likely to Get Problems in the Summer

First of all, you need to time your repairs in preparation for the summer. Summertime is when your AC will most likely run into problems because it will probably see the most use during this season.

Overworked units

Since the summer is the hottest season of the year, many people use their air conditioners continuously during this time to cool their homes. Using it round the clock, without any rest in between can really overwork a unit and cause it to malfunction.

While many ACs are built to keep running for long periods of time, poor maintenance often means that it will not be able to handle the sheer volume of work that it has to do during the summer.


Despite the fact that your AC is meant for cooling, know that it is still susceptible to overheating. The hot temperatures increase the chances of overheating your system, causing it to fail. Keeping your refrigerant topped up usually helps with overheating, though you may want to ask for our help if this happens often.

Dust and pollen

The dry summer air often means higher amount of dust and other particles in the air. These particles can get trapped inside your AC’s filtration system and damage your unit.

Spring or Fall is the Best Time to Get Repairs

It is best to hire AC repairs in the spring or fall season. This gives you enough time to bring your AC’s performance up to par in preparation for the summer season.

Spring may be a little bit better than autumn, because you can dust off the winter cobwebs and fix any problems with your AC just in time.

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