Air Filter Replacement or Air Conditioning Repairs

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November 15, 2016
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Air Filter Replacement or Air Conditioning Repairs

Replacing your air filters are crucial for both your AC and heating systems. Keeping up on changing these filters will help keep the systems functioning smoothly for longer. Not only will this regular and simple maintenance task help keep your system working properly but it can save you on your monthly energy bills as well.

We recommend checking your filters every thirty days. There are many variables that come into play that will impact the life of your air filters such as the size of your home, how often you use the unit, pets in the home, contaminants in the air and more. If the filters appear to contain more dirt then a thin layer across the surface after thirty days of use, you would want to change it at that time. Generally, filters should be changed every ninety days. This is the time frame when your filters trap the most particles from the air such as dirt, dust and allergens but needs to be checked every thirty days, especially during both the hot and cold seasons.

To keep air quality at it’s best, consider changing your filter every 1-2 months. This will make a huge difference especially for those who suffer from allergies and asthma. If you suffer from asthma and allergies, regularly changing your filters can help minimize the exposure to allergens which in return will keep you more comfortable in your home.  This is also a good guide for those who have pets living in the home. Keeping up on changing filters every 1-2 months will help eliminate any odor build up and contaminants in your home.

Keeping up on air filter changes can extend the systems functionality, save you money, provide better air quality, will potentially help with asthma and allergy symptoms and eliminate odors. That should be reason enough to make it a habit to check and change your filters!