Furnace Installation: A Job for the Experts

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July 12, 2019
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Furnace Installation: A Job for the Experts

Furnace installation is a serious job that requires a heating specialist to ensure that it is done as safely and efficiently as possible. DIY might be a popular pastime and you may even be quite good at it, but when it comes to something as potentially dangerous as installing a furnace, you really do need to hire the best professional you can find to complete the work, for all of the reasons below…


Specialized Knowledge

When looking to hire a professional furnace installation expert, you will not only benefit from a high level of workmanship, that will ensure your home is safe and warm, but you will also benefit from the experience of the professional who is doing the work for you. Most homeowners have to learn home maintenance and DIY fast, but they are not typically trained in the finer details, and it is the finer details that are important in a furnace installation. Your furnace installation professional will know the exact formula required to choose the best furnace for your home, and they can pass this knowledge on to you. This will ensure that you choose the best model for the size of your home, and that will help to keep your monthly heating bills low while maximizing the life of your new furnace. Seeing them work, you’ll also learn more about how a furnace should be installed correctly.


Required Specialist Equipment

Furnace installation is not something you can do with the most basic of tools – it requires specialist equipment that it would be expensive to buy, and time-consuming to learn how to use correctly. In fact, it could cost you just as much to acquire the equipment you need as it would cost you to hire the best professionals in your area.

It’s hard work installing a furnace. You have to remove the old unit first, which means you’ll need to cut and grind up the old metal, and that’s before you get started on putting the new one in. It can be dangerous work, which is why you should really leave it to the professionals who have all of the training and experience required to do it right.


Highly Skilled

Furnace installation companies are staffed by highly competent individuals who have been fully trained in the job they are doing. They know how to safely remove old furnaces and how to deal with the ductwork and sheet metal that are so vital to the process, efficiently, with safety at the forefront of everything they do. If you try to do the work yourself or hire someone who is less than the best there is, you could end up hurting yourself, or have an improper installation on your hands, which could cause safety issues or leave you with a furnace that isn’t as efficient as it could or should be.


Safety Guaranteed

Furnace installation isn’t just a matter of plug and play. There is a lot of work that goes into a safe installation. The new unit has to be wired up to your home’s main electrical system. If you don’t know how to safely cut through wires, you could end up being electrocuted and potentially killed. If the person doing the work doesn’t know their wiring, they could turn your home into a potential fire hazard too. Then, there’s the matter of knowing how to connect the ductwork to your furnace in such a way that the dangerous gasses that pass through won’t leak out into your home. Get just one of these things wrong, and it could be a devastating disaster for your family and your home. Hiring the best furnace installation professionals you can find will give you peace of mind that the job will be done safely. The best in the business will also offer warranties, which means that, if things do go wrong, they will come back and sort the problem free of charge, asap.

Installing a furnace is not something that should be treated lightly. Only people who truly know what they are doing, who have the relevant qualifications and experience, should be doing the job. A badly installed furnace is not only a potential money-suck, but it can also pose a real danger to your home and family. That’s why it’s not worth cutting corners or trying to do it yourself, and why it is always worth seeking out the best people to do the job. At Larsen Heating & Air we are experts in installing furnaces. Contact us today to get a quote for your furnace installation.