Where to Find Air Conditioning Repair in Salt Lake City

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January 25, 2020
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Where to Find Air Conditioning Repair in Salt Lake City

With regular maintenance, your AC system can last as long as 15 years. Even with regular maintenance, there are times your system can break or even require minor repairs.

If this happens, you need to have a reliable air conditioning repair company to come in and take a look at your system. This is especially true if you’re based in Salt Lake City; where it gets really hot in the summer.

How do you find air conditioning repair in Salt Lake City?


Online Databases

There are many online databases that specialize in finding home repair and contract work, including in air conditioning.

These websites are the best place to start your search. They list different air conditioning repair services in Salt Lake City with essential information such as the company’s website, contact information, and reviews.

Try and find online databases with reviews by verified members. These members are previous clients of the company and are verified to be reliable and accurate.


Search Online for Air Conditioning Repair in Salt Lake City

If online databases aren’t helping, you can always do a Google search for air conditioning repair companies in your area. Different websites will appear and you can compare them.

When looking through an air conditioning company’s website, ensure they specialize in repair. If they have a service page, click their air conditioning repair service page and see what they offer.

When you contact an air conditioning repair company, it’s helpful to ask how often they perform air conditioning repairs and when their last repair job was.

You’ll also want to study their overall website. Do they list their licenses on their website?

Do they offer positive customer testimonials? Some air conditioning repair companies may even offer specials. It’s helpful to see if they offer any repair specials.


Find Reviews for Salt Lake City AC Companies

Do you care about customer testimonials more than anything? There are many review websites where past customers shared their experience with an air conditioning company.

Some websites specialize in reviews while other social media websites, such as Facebook, offer a review section.

It’s best you look at different review websites. You should also compare both positive and negative reviews — you can’t trust every review, so it’s best to read several to gain a better perception of a company.

It’s also recommended you find reviews for the exact service you want. For air conditioning repair, find reviews where the reviewer states they hired the company to repair their AC and explained their experience.


References and Referrals

Even in our digital world, seeking references and referrals are some of the most trustworthy ways to find reliable air conditioning repair.

Asking friends and family for recommendations ensures you’re receiving honest feedback and they had a positive experience.

Not sure who to ask? You can always go on social media and type a status, asking about the best air conditioning repair in Salt Lake City. You’ll likely find a good recommendation from your social media friends.

However, You shouldn’t hear one positive experience and immediately hire the repair company.

Ask your family and friends for more information. Questions include if the repair professionals appeared on time, if they worked in a timely manner, and if the AC repair company was communicative.

It’s also best you ask for details about their repair. A major AC repair is different than a regular maintenance task.


Licensing Websites

Air conditioning repair companies require different licenses. In Utah, there are various HVAC contracting licenses your company must hold. These include:

  • Refrigeration air conditioning
  • Heating, ventilation, and air condition
  • Warm air heating
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Refrigeration

You can access a website, such as the Utah Plumbing & Heating Contractors Association, to search for contractors by license.

It’s also helpful to ensure an air conditioning repair company holds additional licenses and insurance that protects you. This includes liability insurance in case of accidental damage or injury.


Your AC Brand

While it’s best to trust an air conditioning company that works with all air conditioning brands, it’s helpful to find a repair company that has experience with your AC brand.

You can find contractors with AC brand expertise in two ways. Search for air conditioning repair companies in Salt Lake City that promote your AC brand on their website.

If this doesn’t work, contact the AC manufacturer and see if they work with any air conditioning repair companies in your area.

This is essential if your AC system is brand new.

New AC systems feature modern design and offer other benefits such as energy efficiency. An air conditioning repair contractor should know how to work with these systems to ensure you continue experiencing the system’s benefits.


Your Insurance Company

Many home insurance policies don’t cover air conditioning repair. But it’s helpful to ask your insurance company for air conditioning repair recommendations. Many home insurance companies have a database of reliable repair companies.


Additional Questions to Ask

Once you find one or more air conditioning professionals, what should you ask? Here are some recommended questions.

Estimates and Payment Schedules

Depending on what you need to be repaired, you could be spending a lot of money. That’s why it’s important to ask for an estimate during the consultation.

Some air conditioning repair companies also offer a payment schedule if you can’t afford the costs upfront. In addition, some repair companies also offer complementary services, such as a free consultation and a free diagnostic.

Some companies also require different payments throughout the repair process. These include a deposit payment before the project’s start.

It’s helpful to know these different payments so you can plan for them. You should also ask if these payments are included in the overall estimate.

Details of the Repair

Before the repair begins, ask for as many details as you can. First, ask for the overall scope of the repair. This includes what they’re repairing and why these repairs are necessary.

It’s also helpful to ask for the general completion date and a repair schedule if the repair process is expected to last multiple days.


Do You Need Air Conditioning Repair in Salt Lake City?

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