Air Conditioning Repair


When there is something wrong with your air conditioning or cooling system, you want it fixed like yesterday. But we usually don’t realize there is a problem until we really need air conditioning on a hot summer day. That makes it even more imperative that you can get someone out fast to make the necessary air conditioning repair service, and get you back to a cool and comfortable home.

Larsen HVAC, the leading name for air conditioning repair in Draper, Salt Lake City, and beyond, is here to help.

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Same Day A/C Repair Service

When you call LARSEN Heating and Air Conditioning for your AC repair needs, we understand how important it is to get to you as quickly as possible. For this reason, we offer same day air conditioner repair services. As the preferred expert in air conditioner repair in Sandy, Draper, Salt Lake City, Lehi and the surrounding areas, we have kept Utah homes cool for years, servicing and repairing air conditioning systems statewide.

In line with our same day services, we promise we’ll have one of our skilled technicians out to your Greater Salt Lake City, Provo, Orem, or Lehi area home as quickly as we can. When you call, we will let you know an approximate estimate of when our technician can arrive, so you have a realistic expectation of when you can expect help. We do our best to exceed our customers expectations and get there as soon as we can so we can diagnose the problem and get your A/C running again as fast as possible.

Our fully trained and certified technicians will arrive at your home or business, and because we carry in stock with us the most common necessary equipment and parts, we can usually get your A/C back up and running fairly quickly, most often on the same day. If your A/C requires extensive repairs that aren’t completely fixable that day, we will let you know and will do our best to get you taken care of as quickly as possible. Our commitment to our customers is comfort and we strive to do our very best to help our customers get back to comfort and know they have a partner in the HVAC industry for anytime they are in a bind. 

If your AC system has broken or just is not quite what it used to be, call us today for a fast and reliable repair service.


Save Money By Catching Problems Early

The time to repair the roof is before the giant rainstorm. The same is true for your air conditioner. The time to catch problems and get them fixed is way before your A/C dies and you are left with a hot and stuffy home or office. This will not only save you a hassle, but it will also save you money and collateral damage to other parts of your air conditioner. 

Catching problems with your air conditioning system doesn’t just save you the aggravation of having to go without it until the repair services are completed. It will also likely save you money. When one part of an air conditioner isn’t working right, the other parts will have to work that much harder to make up for it. This leads to increased wear and tear throughout the A/C system and can require you to replace parts much sooner than you would otherwise. You also can avoid the expense of a much more costly repair for replacing multiple parts or the entire system and instead only replace a small part or issue that will keep the whole system running. 

When you catch these types of problems quickly, you can avoid that collateral damage, making the cooling repair much less extensive and expensive. If you’re not sure, it is always better to be safe than sorry. So give the professionals in air conditioning repair at Larsen Heating and Air Conditioning a call today. We offer same day air conditioning repair in Orem, Salt Lake City, Draper, Murray and many other areas.  Our greater Salt Lake City or Provo/Orem area air conditioning experts will also gladly answer whatever questions you might have and send someone right over to take a look at your cooling system.

Want to know if your A/C needs a tuneup? Not sure how to recognize a problem? Here are a few warning signs you might notice to know if you need to call Larsen Heating and Air.


Warning Signs Your A/C May Need a Checkup

Here are a few common signs that your air conditioner isn’t running the way it is supposed to. If you notice any of these things or any other problems with your A/C, give us a call today! 

1.Blowing Only Cool, Warm or Hot Air

This one should be fairly obvious but if your air conditioner is blowing warm or hot air, that is definitely a sign that you need to get it checked out. Or even if the air just isn’t as cold as it used to be, that can still indicate a problem. Most often this indicates a compressor problem or refrigerant problem, and if too serious, could indicate you need to replace the unit. 

2.Moisture Problems

If you notice moisture coming out of the unit or in the area around the unit this can also indicate a problem. Sometimes it is a simple problem like a clog or blockage in the drain tube that takes condensation away from the unit. Other times it may indicate a refrigerant leak. In either case, addressing this problem quickly is important to avoid an environment where mold can grow or potential health risks to you or your family with leaking refrigerant. 

3.Unusual noises

If your air conditioner is making strange noises, this is another obvious indicator of a problem. An air conditioner is a machine with many moving parts and sometimes these parts break down, wear out or need lubrication or replacement. If you hear squealing, squeaking or grinding sounds, there is an internal problem with your system that needs to be addressed to avoid a costly breakdown or complete unit replacement. 

4.Funny Smells 

A weird smell from your unit often indicates wiring has burned out or there is mold within the unit and neither of these is good for your system, your health or your house or building. If you notice any smells coming from your air conditioner unit, get in touch with an expert to help you take a look at it as soon as you are able. 

These are just a few of the common signs to notice that can help you catch problems early. The list of air conditioner problems is vast and you may encounter other things as well such as high humidity, poor air flow, thermostat problems and much more. The easiest thing to do when you encounter a problem with your air conditioner is to give the experts a call and ask. We won’t repair things that don’t need to be fixed, and we can help you know if something is normal or if there really is a problem that should be addressed. 


Why You Should Hire A Certified And Licensed Air Conditioning Contractor

HVAC services is an interesting yet important industry as we deal with something that touches your life every day: your heating and air conditioning system! For many people, they consider the hvac system a do it yourself job, or they hire a local contractor. This may work great for some, but if you don’t have experience or if you want to have the increased assurance of a quality repair, consider working through a licensed, professional contractor like Larson Heating and Air. 

By working with Larson Heating and Air you can know that your quality air conditioning repair service will be performed by a trained, licensed and skilled technician. That technician will be factory trained on your air conditioner and will always have the right tools and training to perform the repair service right the first time. We strive to ensure safety and accountability for all of our work and we work to get your system up and running as fast as possible. 

We will always respect your home and leave it clean and tidy. We will have mats and vacuums so we will always clean up after ourselves when we have repaired your air conditioning system. And with our up-front pricing and no commissions you will always know the cost before we will ever start any repair work and know that the price is the price. Your permission is important to us and we will always ask for it before we begin any work on your A/C system.

Whether you live in Greater Salt Lake City, or the Provo, Orem or Lehi area or anywhere in between, we want to be your partner in the HVAC industry. We want you to trust us as your go-to resource for air conditioning repair and to come away delighted with your newly running A/C. We want you to know that we care about you as our customer and friend and are here to make sure you have a well running air conditioner. Your happiness is our success. Contact us today at Larson Heating and Air to learn about who we are and how we can help, or to get an estimate for your air conditioner repair today.