Programmable Thermostats


A thermostat is the controls for your cooling and heating system in your home. It senses the temperature of your home so that the systems and maintain that desired temperature you have set. The thermostat does this by monitoring and regulating the air flow and refrigerants as needed to maintain the desired temperature. At LARSEN Heating and Air Conditioning we offer programmable thermostats and even thermostat that you can control from your smart phone. They will even remind you to change your filter.

Set Temperatures for Different Times of the Day and Night

Woman Adjusting Programmable Thermostats On Central Heating

Because the programmable thermostat can be set for different times of the day and night, they can lower or increase the temperature while you are out, even if it only one day in the week. It can also lower or increase the temperature at night while you are sleeping. You can even program the thermostat to adjust the temperatures shortly before you arrive home at the end of the day.

Best Digital Thermostats from LARSEN HVAC

LARSEN Heating and Air Conditioning offers the best digital thermostats available today. Our technicians will give you the proper options for your heating and cooling system. We will offer you the best solutions.

If you’re wanting even more control, then perhaps a Wi-Fi programmable thermostat is for you.

Our products offer the following:

  • Scheduled comfort – With this type of thermostat, you can tailor the temperature in your home according to vacation or work schedules. This way, you can maximize the technology and avoid paying to heat or cool an empty space.
  • User-friendly – Old thermostats are often complex to use. This is why at Larsen HVAC, we install thermostats that use simple features and easy-to-read displays.
  • Increased energy savings – Heating and cooling obviously make up a large part of the utility bills. With a state-of-the-art thermostat from Larsen HVAC, you can save big on home comfort costs.

Whatever your needs, we are here to help with the right solution. To inquire about the thermostat models available at Larsen HVAC, talk to one of our technicians by calling 801-983-7333.